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HDS 2000
HDS 2000
El programa HDS 2000 es una herramienta de análisis de registros y petrofísica enfocada a Geólogos, Ingenieros y Petrofísicos, sobre la plataforma de Windows.

HDS 2000 toma la información digital y la convierte en una base de datos Access para llevar a cabo análisis petrofísico, determinístico estándar, cálculo de porosidades, saturación de agua, etc.
Likewise, HDS2000 handles a large number of formats for the integration of a variety of information:
    • LWD Logs (Logging While Drilling) and Wireline.
    • MWD Logs(Measured While Drilling).
    • Mud logs.
    • Data formats like .LAS, ASCII, Excel, DLIS, LIS, Digitalized tables, entry keyboard, BitMaps, EMF Metafiles, CGM, among others.

    • 1 Value per Depth.
    • Open-Hole.
    • Cased-Hole.
    • Cores.

File Explorer – Projects Details
    • Easily find your project by Operator or well names.
    • Visualize and expand at a detailed level the data series, well information, directional survey, etc.
    • View all the details of the information stored in your project.
    • View all the existing curves in your dataset such as Gr, Phie, Sw, etc., as well as the creation version of each one.
Well Information – Borehole Environment
    • Defaults are in yellow, but they do not have to be printed.
    • Items in blue or white were imported from a LAS file, or manually changed.
    • Add up to 16 different tool runs for wireline or LWD data.
    • Borehole environment is commonly known as Rmf & Run information.
    • This is generally seen on most header pages of well logs.
    • We color code the items in red, which are critical to many calculations.
HDS2000 includes a list of database information editing tools such as:
    • Spreadsheet editing.
    • Smoothing of the curves.
    • Displacement of the baseline.
    • Editing the curves.
    • Environmental Corrections.
    • Toolbox of other curve corrections, among others.
    • Incorporate images and information from cores.
    • Tying and correlating core information to Wireline logs.
    • Move and adjust all image records together or individually.
    • Review displacement and adjustment.
Visual Display of Calculations
    • Interactive calculation tool for the processing of wireline and closed-space registers.
    • The display of the results is done immediately as an option, since the parameters are already configured.
    • Each step includes input curves and output curves, cross plots for zone identification, parameters and cell options, among others.
    • With HDS2000 you have a complete visualization for the control of input, processing and petrophysical result information.
In addition to the above, it includes tools for:
    • Processing of clay sands.
    • Quick view of gaseous clay sands.
    • Customized processing.
    • Viewing and processing with Cross Plot Multi-Well.
    • Reports and results with summary of the Play.
    • Estimation of Oil and Gas Reserves.
    • Interactive platform for generating well logs.
    • Cross sections for correlation.
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